Monday, January 14, 2013

Resolutions @Cravebox

     Well, I got my Resolutions Cravebox this weekend. I was really hoping for a pedometer like I heard some got last year! But no....*sigh.* So what was in there?
     3 Flavors of SunRype Fruit Source Bars--These fruit bars are 100% natural and all sugars come from fruit juices. They are non-fat, run about 120 calories and have 2-3 grams of fiber. All that's fine and dandy, but that isn't my favorite way to eat my fruit. I'd just as soon have it fresh. It tastes better and fills you up. If you need a snack on the run, a banana works just as well and is less calories, do math. All that said, my daughter really liked them, since they kind of have the taste and consistency of fruit leather. The flavors I received were strawberry, Mango-strawberry and blueberry pomegranate.
     SunRype Just Fruits and Grains Bar--Kind of like the fruit bars, but these also have seeds and grains. The one I got was strawberry mango, at 160 calories, 3.5 gr fat and 4 gr fiber.
     Perfectly Simple Bar (by Zone Perfect)--Yes, another "bar. I guess trying to lose weight means we need to replace a meal with these bars. This one is 200 calories, 8 gr fat, 2 gr fiber. But it has 10 gr protein. The boast about this bar is that it only has 8 ingredients. The flavor I got was toasted coconut. While I thought it was ok, it's not something I'd go seek out.
     While all that's great, I gotta say I could eat one of my fiber bars with more fiber and less calories. And better taste, in my opinon.
     A can each of 7up Ten and A&W Ten (root beer)--These diet sodas have only 10 calories (as opposed to 0 calories of normal diet soda). Supposedly these taste better than regular diet soda. I hate diet soda. If I'm gonna drink junk, it might as well taste good. I know some like it because they have "gotten used" to it. Why would I want to "get used" to something I don't like when it's not even good for me? (And don't kid yourself--diet sodas are just as bad for you as regular, even if they have no calories. Look it up, if you don't believe me!)
     So were these really any better tasting? In my opinion? No, not really. What I find kind of funny (even misleading) is that the 7up can says "Naturally Flavored with other natural flavors." Sounds good, right? Well, reading the label, I discovered it has aspertame (the artificial sweetener in most diet sodas) in it. How is that natural? And aspertame is one of the sweeteners I avoid if possible.
     I should add, however, that DH said it tasted pretty good. But then, he doesn't mind the taste of diet soda, either.
     Metabo Balance Wellness Tea, by Celestial Seasonings (2 tea bags)--This is a green tea that is supposed to help boost metabolism. It has a fruity flavor. I'm not a big fan of flavored teas, but this was ok. I probably wouldn't seek this flavor out. I prefer white tea.
     Cocoa Via drink packets--This is a Cocoa extract supplement that can be added to beverages and helps to support healthy blood circulation.
     Mary Kay Timewise Repair eye renewal cream--Not something I would have gotten for myself at this point, but maybe I'll try it out.
     Wholly Guacamole Free Coupon--I have never tried Wholly Guacamole, though I have heard about it. I bet it will go great with my Beanfield's chips!
     Smart Ones Free Coupon--I have tried Smart Ones before and they are pretty goo, so I'll be happy to redeem this coupon and give them another try.
     If you think you would like to give Cravebox a try, check out their website. Although this box was a little disappointing, since most of these products I would not have been interested in trying. And they've raised their box prices. They used to be $10 each, and their affordability was one of the best features of the service. Now most of the boxes are $14/15 and it's negligible whether it's worth it if I only like half the products.
     One change I do like, is that you can choose which boxes you want, based on the theme. It used to be, once you were a subscriber you got every month's box. So I I'm hoping the next box will be a little more to my liking!
     Also, they have a brand-new referral program. So if you do decide to sign up, I'd be super-grateful if you let them know "jedigal" (yes, that's me) sent you!

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