Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Amber Teething Necklace from @TeethingTots

     I was recently given the opportunity to try out an amber teething necklace from Teething Tots. This is not the kind of teething necklace that the baby is supposed to actually chew on. Rather, this is a special necklace for babies to wear (with supervision of course!) that is supposed to naturally lessen the pain of teething.
     Amber, which is derived from fossilized sap, has trace amounts of succinic acid which is known to be anti-inflammatory and an effective pain reliever. Succinic acid is absorbed through the skin when the skin's warth releases the oils in the amber. Succinic acid helps many other types of pain besides that associated with teething, but these teething necklaces are made for babies to wearing for the purpose of releiving teething pain.
     The necklace is designed to be as safe as possible for baby. First of all, is knotted before and after each bead. Even if one breaks off (which should only happen if it is forcibly pulled off) the rest of the necklace will remain intact. Secondly, the necklace uses a screw clasp, which is designed to come undone when forcibly pulled on. This minimizes the choking hazard. However, I do not recommend leaving the baby alone with the necklace, just to be safe.
     Teething Tots is a home-based business, founded and run by a mom of two. The idea blossomed from the interest she received from other moms looking for natural home remedies for their teething babies.
     Teething Tots offers amber teething necklaces in a variety of colors (including multi-colored). They also have mommy/baby sets and hazelwood teething necklaces. Hazelwood also has a pain relieving quality. They also offer teething necklaces from SmartMom Jewelry which are intended for Baby to chew on.
     You can learn more and keep up with Teething Tots and their fabulous products (and maybe find some deals!) in the following ways:

*I received a product to facilitate a review. Any opinions expressed are my own.*
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