Friday, January 18, 2013

Light Reading

Fantasy Book 1 (written by me)

Chapter 1: The Twilight Council
Chapter 2: The Lady in the Water

Twilight Fan Fictions I Love (not written by me, but fun to read)
*Some of these may contain adult situations*

Moonless Night (New Moon from Edward's perspective-awesome!)
Eternal Equinox (Eclipse from Edward's perspective)
Beyond Dusk (Breaking Dawn from Edward's perspctive-unfortunately not completed)
Singularity (Alice story, from before her turning until she meets Jasper)
Coalesence (sequel to Singularity--Alice and Jasper join the Cullens somewhere in the middle)
Rogue (sequel to Coalescence--so far up to beginning of Midnight Sun)
Stregoni Benfici (story of Carlisle, starting just after becoming a vampire)
Eternity (Carlisle and Esme story)

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