Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Have You Tried and Truth?

     Attention moms and dads! Whether you're seasoned parents, first-time parents or parents to be, you should check out Tried and Truth! Tried and Truth is fun and helpful new website where experienced moms and dads can spread the word about the baby/children's products they love and the ones they, well, don't. And anxious new parents can go to find out from real parents which items are fabulous must-haves, and which ones are not really worth it.
     Tried and Truth is basically a review site that focuses on products for babies and small children. They do also occasionally offer products for review for their most active members, as well as prizes for contests that are centered around reviews.
    Another great thing about Tried and Truth is that their reviewers have to be approved. This means you can expect the reviews you read to be coherent, concise and detailed. You won't see a review that says "i got this when my kid wuz born i like it alot" (Yes, I wrote it like that on purpose!)
     So, if you're a new or expecting parent who doesn't know just where to start, you should check out Tried and Truth. If you are an experiened parent, and just bursting with opinions on your baby gear, consider applying to be a reviewer! Check out their website or email lisa@TriedAndTruth.com. After all, who knows better which products work best than other parents who have been there and done that?

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