Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get Fresh with Charmin Freshmates #FreshmatesClean

     Okay, this might be a little TMI, but I just have to say I love Charmin. Forever I was always getting the cheapest brand of bath tissue, but when I finally tried out Charmin Ultra Strong bath tissue after combing a slae with a coupon, I didn't want to but anything else. In fact, I always get annoyed when DH buys the TP, because he gets the cheaper stuff and it's not as good a quality.
     but I digress. what i'm really here to talk about is Charmin Freshmates, which are Charmin's flushable wipes appropriate for children and adults alike. Sometimes you just need a little something more to leave you feeling fresh.
     Vocalpoint was kind enough to send me a full-size tub of freshmates along with this towel, which I thought was kinda funny. Even though it says "face" and "tush" which makes me think it's supposed to be a body towel, it seems a little stiff to me and I think it makes a great towel for putting on the floor for when you get out of the shower.

     As for the Charmin freshmates, I have to say since I have a potty-training toddler, they are great for that. They work like a wipe, but you can flush them. A little moisture is very helpful when your kid can't wipe themselves to well!
     My only gripe with the Charmin freshmates is that they seem to dry out a little too easily. But that can be fixed by adding some water to the tub.

     And now, through December 31, Charmin is running a sweepstakes where the grand prize is a $5,000 bathroom makeover and there are 42 daily winners of a tub of Freshmates. Go here for details on how to enter!
*Charmin Website

*I received the above mentioned products from Vocalpoint. All opinions are my own.*
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