Wednesday, December 19, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Day 21

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     Since I'm doing my 25 Days of Christmas post so close to the holidays, I thought it would be helpful for me to make a few suggestions for last minute gifts. And not only can you get them together last minute, many people already have a lot of these items at home.
     Obviously I can't promise that you have these things, but I know I keep a lot of these things around, so you might too.

Brown Sugar Scrub
This makes a great gift for the girls and ladies in your life that need a little pampering. Sugar scrubs leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
Items needed: brown sugar, some kind of oil and optional vanilla extract

Homemade Bath Salts
Along the same lines as the sugar scrub, a lovely bath salt blend can work on sore muscles.
Items needed: Epsom salt, kosher or sea salt, optional scents and colors.

Personalized Mugs
This one is super easy and be a gift for anyone old enough to handle a glass mug! Fill it with a small bag of coffee or homemade hot chocolate.
Items needed: White cup, sharpie marker

Homemade Playdough
This one's for the kids. I don't what kid doesn't like playing with playdough! if you have a few cookie cutters to spare, add them in and make it a kit. ;-)
Items needed: flour, oil, salt, water, cream of tartar, food coloring

     I know these may not hit everybody on the list, but these are just a few ideas for when you need to get something together real quick. Homemade goodies are also a big hit, especially for the guys, and Sonya, our host has a great post on mixes in a jar on her blog, Parga's Junkyard.

     And now for today's awesome giveaway. It is a set of Nielson-Massey vanilla flavorings and cookbook. I love baking, so I use lots of vanilla. You can read a review of these here. Then you can enter using the rafflecopter form below@ Good luck!

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  1. Spending time with my family is what I enjoy the most.

  2. I like most about Christmas is all the beautiful lights Birdie Skolfield

  3. Celebrating Christ's birth and being with family

  4. I don't think the "Like these FB pages" link is working. Maybe it's just me...

    I like the music & lights the best - obviously in addition to being with family :)

  5. Family time! and the movie Elf :D luvvvvvvvvvvv Christmas!


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