Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trudeau Stress-Less Review

     I was super-excited to get to test a set of stress-less kitchen gadgets from Trudeau. I was given six different products to test out. The stress-less products are touted as putting less stress on your hands as other products with similar functions. 
     1. Stress less Safety can opener--This can opener works differently than the can opener that we grew up with. It was a little confusing at first, but I eventually got it. It uses a hand crank instead of the little knob you use your fingers to twist. I couldn't say that this one was better or worse than the traditional can-opener--just different. 
     Another difference is where the can opener cuts. With the traditional can opener, the cut is just inside the lip of the lid. With the Trudeau can opener, the cut is under the lip of the can. I couldn't tell it was cutting at first, until I smelled the contents and looked more carefully. A down side to this can opener is that it makes it more difficult to drain liquid out. I'm used to pressing down with the lid to drain excess liquid, but the way the Trudeau ca opener cuts makes it harder to get all the liquid out. 
     2. Stress Less Garlic Press--This garlic press really works the same as the other garlic press I own. One difference is that it comes more apart, which makes it easier to clean. 
     3.  Stress Less Easy Grind Salt and Pepper Mills--My husband was thrilled with these. They turn with a crank and the salt and pepper come out super-fine. So fine, you have to look carefully to see it and make sure you don't over salt! This is the kind of salt you would put on fries. So we really love these! 
     4. Stress Less Pizza Cutter--this really didn't work any different from me than any other pizza cutter, but still nice.
     5. Stress Less Rotary Cheese Grater--The rotary cheese grater is a "grate" product. Haha. No really, I like the rotary cheese grater, and I've never had one. My mom used to have one. You put the cheese in the grater, crank and get lovely shredded cheese. Much easier than the traditional flat cheese grater. This was probably one of my favorites--along with the salt grinder.
     These are really great, high quality products and I hope you will check them out! You can see these and other great products Trudeau has to offer on their website
     *I received a complimentary set of Trudeau's Stress Less products for this review. I received no further compensation and all opinions expressed here are my own.*
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