Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Spruce Up Cravebox

     I got my Summer Spruce-up Limited edition Cravebox recently. This was honestly the only one of the limited edition boxes I was interested in. The others are themes that are not really relevant to me. But check them out to see if you might be interested in one. There are four you can still sign up for, and there are more spots available than in the regular subscription box program. The boxes are still $10.
     I was moderately impressed with my Summer Spruce up box. Most of these are probably things I would not have tried otherwise, but glad to get them just the same. And they came just in time, since I needed to clean that day because hubby's parents were coming in that night!
     1. Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves--I'm happy to get these just because I've been meaning to get a pair of cleaning gloves and have always forgotten to get them when I'm at the store. I will feel so much better cleaning the toilet with these protecting my hands from germs!
     2. Bar Keeper's Friend Cleanser and Polish--This scouring powder claims it will remove rust and clean stainless steal. Well, it cleaned the tub pretty good, but didn't get the "white rust" or whatever it is off the tub spicket with any amount of scrubbing. And I didn't really care for the smell. But I will still use it because I don't want to waste it! 
     3. Dawn Duo Sponge Cloth--I haven't gotten to use this yet, but it looks interesting! It is a dish cloth that has a scrubby side and a smooth side. You can wipe counter tops with it too. 
     4. Sprayaway Glass Cleaner--"World's Best glass cleaner" Well, that's debatable. I used it to clean the mirror in the bathroom and it still seemed a little foggy to me. I even used two different cloths to clean it. 
     5. Glad Tall Kitchen bags--This one was actually a coupon for a free bag (which I haven't used yet). But we can always use garbage bags! 
     Make sure you check out Cravebox and maybe try to get on one of the special edition boxes if you're interested. It is kinda fun getting a box of "surprises" and the stuff is generally worth more than the $10 you pay for the box, even if the items are not things you would normally think to purchase!

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