Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Teethe Me Box

     I got another Teethe Me box this past week. It was at a discounted price again this month, so I decided to get it. While these products may be worth a whole $24 (in fact the info sheet that comes with the box says they are worth $66) they are mostly things I probably would not have bought myself. And for someone trying to cut back on and get rid of unnecessary items, that's not a great thing.
     While it is fun to receive a box of surprises, I just can't find that it is worth $24 a month to me. So, here is what was in the box: 
     1. Swaddle Designs Lovie--This is a small blankie. The one I got had Minnie Mouse on it. Which is nice because Kay-kay really likes Minnie Mouse.
     2. iplay Sunglasses--These are toddler sunglasses, but they're actually worn more like goggles. Which on one hand is good, because they won't break as easily and they stay on better. They look kinda goofy to me, though. 
     3. NuturMe babyfood--I got this in last month's box. I think it's funny these are included as if they are part of the package even though they were supposed to replace the ones that we weren't supposed to use from last week's box. But they gave us four packs instead of two this time. either way, I'm sure they will all get used.
     4. City Grips--These are handle covers for your stroller. It seems like kind of a gimmicky thing to me and I'm not too crazy about the color scheme. Also, these kind of covers won't work with my type of stroller. 
     5. Little Pim Language DVD--This DVD is supposed to teach my toddler some Spanish words. We haven't watched it yet, so I can't say how great it is, but I've read some less-than-enthusiastic reviews about it. 
     If you feel like this is something you feel would be useful to you, you can subscribe here and get 20% off your first month's box. I don't feel it's really for me, but it may be for you.
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