Monday, June 11, 2012

Filipo Berio BzzCampaign

     I was really excited to into the Filipo Berio olive oil BzzCampaign. I use olive oil quite a bit and olive oil is one of those "healthy fats" we're supposed to have more of. So I use it for cooking, roasting, salads, etc. The only problem is the bottle didn't last too long! So here are some of the things I used my Filipo Berio for: 
     I used it along with vinegar for my salads. I really liked the way you could drizzle just a little out of the spout! I don't need salad dressing--just olive oil and vinegar for me!

     I used my Filipo Berio for roasting vegetables, like asparagus , eggplant or potatoes. I also used it for basting or marinating meat.

     I also used my olive oil in homemade pizza crust.

     Other things I made with the olive oil include hummus and tabouleh, dipping oil for bread and pasta tossed with chicken and cherry tomatoes! So these are all ways to use olive oil. Of course there are many other things to use olive oil for, but my bottle was only 8 oz. I guess you can see why it went so fast! I love olive oil! 
*I received this product complimentary via BzzAgent. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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