Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creative Bioscience Challenge: Part 3

     As I mentioned a month ago, I am getting the opportunity to try out a 3 month's supply of Green Coffee Bean from Creative Bioscience and share the results with my readers.

     So, it's been a month and what have I achieved? Not much. My weight has fluctuated a lot over the last month. I couldn't say that's because of these pills, but I was hoping they would have helped some.
     We have had 2 birthdays and a Valentines Day this month, so you can imagine a few too many opportunies to indulge. So maybe I should be happy with the results I've gotten so far.

So, today my stats are:
weight - 175 (-1 lb) 
waist - 43" (-2 in.?...unless I measured wrong...)
BMI - 29.1 (-.2)

     So, a very slight loss. Hopefully I'll do better this next month. Although I must add it is very difficult to remember to take the pills 30 minutes before meals. Right before would be much easier to handle. 30 minutes before I'm usually right in the middle of cooking. Chopping stuff on a cutting board while watching 2-3 things on the in the world am I supposed to rememeber to take a pill in the middle of that?
      So I'm off to a much rockier start than I hoped, but hopefully I'll have something better to report in 4 weeks!
      By the way, the Life Fit Store has these products for sale for 12-60%. Creative Bioscience has given me a code for and additional 15% off to share with readers. Life Fit store is currently offering free shipping as well. Just put in the code AOH to receive your extra 15% off!

     Are you a blogger who would like to participate in this challange yourself? Creative Science is currently accepting bloggers for this challenge. If you are interested, you can read about it here!

*I received a trial of this products in order to facilitate this review. Any opinions expressed are my own.*
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