Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wellness Wednesday: Klutch Club

     This week I got my Klutch Club box. I believe this was supposed to be a "best of" box, which normally costs $25 at full price. I got it for the price of shipping ($8) so I figured it might be worth it. It was a nice selection of products, but I only really liked about half the things in the box.
     Cocoa Via drink packets--Cocoa Via is conventient little packets of cocoa you can add to milk, yogurt, oatmeal and more. The cocoa helps support healthy blood circulation. A great concept, but I wish I'd gotten sweetened ones, since sugar doesn't mix well in cold milk.
     Earnest Eats Dark Choco Expresso Bar--This organic, gluten free bar has 4g fiber and 6g protein. It was not really my favorite--a little too "mulchy" to me.
     Crystal Towlettes--These little towlettes are nice for freshening up throughout the day.
     Crystal Rock deodorant--This was an interesting product. It really was like rubbing a smooth rock on your underarms. It contains natural mineral salts. To my surprise, I did seem to sweat less, but I did not find it did much to mask body odor.
     Hangover Sucks--I don't have any use for a product like this. It is supposed to help with the effects of a hangover, but since I don't drink alcohol, I did not test this product and cannot give an opinion as to its effectiveness.
     African Liquid Black Soap--Not sure what this is supposed to do. I tried to use it in the shower. It had a lovely mint flavor, but didn't lather up at all. 
     Goldbaum Onion and Garlic Chips--This gluten-free chip is popped, not fried and has no msg. The chips had a really good flavor but were just a tinge on the garlic-y side. 
     Alo Drink, Original + Honey--A drink made from aloe plant. I was very skeptical that I would like such a drink, but I bravely tried it to say I had. And actually liked it. It had a light, sweet taste and was ever-so-slightly thicker than normal drinks. 
     CoQ10 Natural Melt Fast tablets--These fast mel tablets are said to help heart health and increase energy. They had an okay taste and may have boosted my energy very slightly, but not a whole lot. 
     Cor Omega 3--A serving of this contains 3000mgs of fish oil and is served up in a big squeeze pouch. A serving size is 2 tsp. They try to shield it with lemon flavor, but I can still taste a hint of the fish oil and I almost couldn't help gagging. Sorry, but this is a no go for me. 
     I've been having fun with my KlutchClub membership. They seem to have a fair amount of
offers where they offer "free" boxes (just pay $8 shipping) when you sign up for their newsletter. And you don't have to have a subscription to get a membership. Sign up here!

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