Monday, July 29, 2013

July Klutch Club Mom Box

     I already got my next Klutch Box. Actually, I’ve gotten three in the last week, since the last one I posted about. And since I’ve been taking advantage of several “Free Box” deals, I kind of lost track of what I should be getting. But it seems I got duplicates of this “Mom” box. Not that I’m complaining. Though I didn’t love everything in it, I, or someone in my family was happy with most of it.

     Sensible Food Oasis Blend Crunch Dried Fruit—This was a dried fruit mix, and right up my son’s alley. He loves fruit, whether it fresh, pureed or dried. He’s my good eater. So of course he made short work of this snack. It is also great for putting in the diaper bag for on the go.
     Slice of Life Gummy Vitamin—These are gummy multi-vitamins for adults. They are “sugar-free” and they taste really good. My only gripe—you only get one a day!
     Organic Flaviz Liquid Cutrus Hibiscus Drink Mix—These are individual flavor packets for your water. They are liquid so they mix really well. I got 9 packets, so they were pretty generous with the samples. If only I liked the flavor. Neither I, nor my husband, cared for the citrus hibiscus flavor. I got tropical flavor in another box, so I’ll see if I like those any better!
     Sneakz Organic Shakes—These chocolate milk boxes “sneak” a serving of veggies into each shake. Perfect for those picky eaters. Fortunately they sent two, since I have two kids and the younger one has to have whatever the older one is having!
     Disposable iPad Sleeves—These are great if you use your tablet for recipes. These are made to keep your tablet shielded from food that may happen to splatter while you’re cooking. This is not something I would personally spend money on, but it may be worth it for those who use their tablet as a cookbook.  
     Dapple Baby Surface Wipes—These toy and surface wipes are great for going out and about with baby. Use these to wipe down shopping cart handles, restaurant tables and high chairs and waiting room toys, if you dare let your kids play with those at all.
     Botanical Interest Wheatgrass Seeds—Wheatgrass juice is supposed to be really healthy for you. My husband’s been really interested in it lately. He’s actually bought seeds himself. So when I showed him the seeds I got in my Klutch Box, he was like “cool, more seeds!” Hey, whatever makes him happy. 
     Soy Greek Yogurt Bar--This is a meal/protein type bar. My kids loved it. 
     Even if you don’t decide to sign up for a box subscription now, you can still become a member and sign up for notifications. And if you’re following me on facebook and twitter, I will try to share great deals on boxes as I come across them.
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