Monday, July 22, 2013

Make it Monday: Homemade Butter (Kitchenaid Method)

     Last month I told you how to make homemade butter using the by-hand method. While this method can be a fun and neat project for kids, it can be rather tiring to do on a regular basis. It can also make your arms achy (though it may be a good workout!). 
     Fortunately, there is an easier way to make homemade butter, if you have a stand mixer (such as a Kitchenaid). 
     For about a cup of butter, you will need a pint of heavy cream. You will also end up with about a cup of buttermilk, so get ready to make biscuits or pancakes to go with your fresh butter. ;-)

     Dump the cream in the bowl and using the paddle attachment, put the speed as high as you can without splashing too much out of the bowl. it will splash some no matter what. I recommend a splash guard. 
     The cream will become whipped cream. You can put it on a higher setting when it is in cream form, but you will have to lower it once the butter starts to separate from the buttermilk and gets splashy again. If the cream is cold when you start (mine was) it should take15-20 minutes to make butter. It will probably take less time if you get it to room temperature first. 

       Drain the buttermilk with a piece of cheese cloth and put it aside for later.

     Here is where you'll add just a pinch of salt to the butter and mix. To wash the butter, put the ball of butter in a bowl of ice water, swish it around and drain it off. Repeat this a couple of times until the water runs clear. It only takes a couple times for me, though for others it may take a little longer.
     Mold it however you want and it's ready to spread on hot bread!

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