Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer BBQ Cravebox

     I got my Summer BBQ Cravebox this weekend. If you haven't checked out Cravebox yet, you should! They are currently all full, but will hopefully open up new spots in the future! Make sure you check out the limited edition boxes too! 
     This month's theme was BBQ and here is what was in the box: 
     1. BIC Flamedisk--This is a charcoal alternative for your grill. You just stick it in the grill, light it and cook. Easy clean up. Of course, we live in an apartment and don't have a grill, but DH was excited about it anyway. We can use it at the park. Assuming there is a grill available!
     2. Bic Multi-purpose Lighter--This was actually just a coupon for a free product, not the actual lighter. 
     3. True Lemon Original Lemonade--I got a pack of 10 individual packets for water bottles. I like Crystal Light pink lemonade, so I look forward to trying this. 
     4. Mighty Leaf Tea Sunburst Green Iced Tea--I like iced tea, but I'm not sure how much I'll like green iced tea. But I'm willing to try it. This one tea bag is big enough to make a half gallon pitcher. 
     5. Mozaik Appetizer Ware--This is a set of 24 teeny little (disposable) plates and forks. This is probably the least useful thing for me personally. I hardly have people over--much less host any kind of event that would warrant something like that. 
     So, I am looking forward to trying my drinks and cooking a steak with that nice new FlameDisk. :-)

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