Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Product Review: Classic Nursery Rhymes

     I recently had the opportunity the review the Classic Nursery Rhymes Collection DVD from Ocean Music. This collection has been "around" about 30 years, but is now becoming more widely available. Baby First TV will begin airing clips from the series and the collection is available for the first time on CD, DVD and digital download.
     The DVD consists of little skits of 72 nursery rhymes. Who knew there were so many? Not me! Some of them I've known since childhood and some had slightly different wording. Some of the songs had tunes I had heard before but was not familiar with the lyrics of. Some I had never heard at all before seeing this DVD. But it really did take me back to my childhood!
     The skits were an odd combination of puppets, drawing and "live-action"--sometimes more than one. The "live-action" clips had the appearance of being set on a stage or perhaps "pasted onto a storybook background. The cast was mostly made up of children. It seems a little on the "slow" side in this age of of high-tech special effects and it is definitely dated, but the rhymes are as catchy as ever and my daughter enjoys watching them. 
     If you would like more information about the Classic Nursery Rhymes Collection, visit the website here. Also, be sure to visit them on facebook! You can also see clips featured on Baby First TV --a site which has all sorts of activities and videos designed for little ones! Check them out and see what fun activities you find! 
     *I received this product for review for free via Mom Spark Media. Any opinions expressed are my own*
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