Friday, August 10, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

     As I mentioned in a previous post, I received a beauty voxbox from influenster recently full of fun stuff to try. One of the things in the beauty voxbox was Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

     I admit, when I first saw this in the box, I was like, "oh, black nail polish--ookay...?" Because I'm not really a fan of dark nail polish--especially black nail polish. But this nail polish is unique. Why? Well, when I first put the nail polish on, this is what it looked like. Plain black/dark silver nail polish.

     But then, hold the magnet included with the bottle over the wet nail polish and it attracts metallic particles in the polish to make little designs or stripes appear. (Sorry the pic is a little blurry.)

     All that said, I'm still not super crazy about the black color. After all I wear very little black in the summer. If I had gotten a light pink or blue, I would be more likely to leave it on. It is a really neat and unique concept though. I would love to try it in a different color! 

*I received this product complimentary as part of influenster's voxbox program. All opinions expressed are my own.*
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