Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Always & Tampax Always Radiant Collection

     *Warning*--This post contains discussion of "women stuff" so, if you're a guy, you might just wanna stop now.

     Now, for you ladies that are still here--I would like to introduce you to the Radiant collection featuring Tampax and Always--two well known and trusted brands of feminine products.
     I received a sample of these products as part of my Beauty Vox Box from influenster. The samples included 1 Always pad, 2 Always pantiliners and 2 Tampax tampons--all included in a stylish little pouch. Oh yeah, and a coupon for each!
     Since I'm still nursing, I haven't actually had the chance to try these samples, I have used products from both brands before and they have served me well in the past and I am confident they provide the protection that so many women have come to expect from Tampax and Always and have depended on for years!

*I receieved the products mentioned in this post as part of the vox box program from influenster. Any opinions expressed are my own.*
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