Monday, October 1, 2012

Get Unjunked with Unreal Candy

     How do you feel about chocolate? Love it? How do you feel about artificial flavoring and high fructose syrup? Not so much, huh? Well, what if you could get chocolate without all the "junk"? Well, now you can, if you try Unreal candy.
     I got the chance to try some through BzzAgent. I got a free coupon and a few BOGO's. I decided to get one of each, so I could get the full experience. ;-) Here my collection.

     The first flavor I tried was the Unreal 41, which is their version of M&M's. Now, I will tell you right off, these are not quite as sweet as M&M's, as they do have less sugar, as well as more fiber and protein per serving. They would take some getting used to as a replacement. But they aren't bad. These were my hubby's favorite.

     What I liked better was the Unreal 54, which is the peanut version. Maybe it was the strong flavor of the peanuts. But I just really liked this combo.

     Another one I really like was Unreal 77. Basically peanut butter cups. now, I'm not gonna say I loved these more than Reese's, but they were quite good. Probably a good tie with 54 as my favorite of this bunch.

      Finally, there is Unreal 5 and Unreal 8. These are sort of like Milky Way and Snickers, respectively. As with the others, I liked the peanut-ty version best. The nougat was rather stiff to me, and not as creamy as the standard candy bars. Normally I love Milky Way bars, but this I didn't care for so much. I did like the Unreal 8 pretty well, though.

     So, in conclusion, the only way for you to decide if these are really for you is to try one yourself. Like I said earlier, these candy bars have no atrificials, no HFC, no hydrogenated oil, more protein and fiber and less sugar. So they are all natural and over all better for you. Not that you should make a habit of eating these, but for an occassional treat.
     If you are used to the regular candy bars, these would probably take some getting used to. Also, they are a little more expensive. Almost double what you can get the others for at a good price. Also, these are only available at select retailers for now, like Michaels, CVS, Wlagreens, and Kroger.
     They probably won't replace my other chocolate, but I'd say they're probably worth a try!

*I received a free sample of this product via BzzAgent. Any opinions expressed are my own.*
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