Monday, May 28, 2012

My Teethe Me Box

     Plum District recently had a half-off deal for a month's subscription to TeetheMe, a subscription box site for baby/toddler products. A normal month of TeetheMe costs $24, so it was $12 for me. And since I had $5 of Plum credits, I only paid $7, which I thought was a great price.
     Like other subscription boxes, you subscribe and get a box of "surprises" that are allegedly worth much more than the monthly subscription fee. With TeetheMe, you enter your baby's birthdate and they send you a box based on the child's age. For ages 0-3. My only problem was that I have 2 children in that age range, so I wasn't sure which one to put in. In the end, though, I put in my 2 year old daughter, since I figure she would get more enjoyment out of the product than my 3 month old son can at this time.
     Though I didn't know what to expect from this box, I was pretty happy with it. Here is a picture of the contents, followed by a description: 

     Earth Mama Angel Baby Hand to Toe Wash--This was a foaming body wash, which I liked. It said it was lavendar vanilla and I don't really smell either of those scent. But my daughter really liked the foaminess of the soap too. 
     Nurture Me baby food--This is a really neat concept. It is basically dried baby food that need to be mixed with formula, water or breast milk for baby. Or if you have a picky toddler like me, you can mix some of the veggie ones into another food she likes so she gets the nutrient. The trick is finding out what she likes for the day! 
     Green Sprouts Baby plate set--This plate set is bio-degradable and compostable. Only thing is it seems to be of limited use. The little info card I got said something about 10 uses if you wash it in the dish washer, but it lasts longer if you hand wash. The set includes a sectioned bowl with lid, 2 sippy cups (not spill proof!), 2 small snack size containers, 2 forks and 2 spoons.
     Dr. Robin's Sunscreen for Children and Daily Moisture Cream--These were both small, one time use packets. All natural and chemical free products for children. 
     Greenleaf Scented Sachet--The scent in this thing was strong! It smells good, but it was a little overwhelming at first. It's just an air freshener of sorts. 
     Bridgewater Candle--This scented candle also had a fairly strong scent.
     Decal that says "Teach your love" Not sure what company this from. It was just in the box. 
     So, there was some pretty cool stuff in the box. Not too sure I'd pay the full $24 for it, though. I will have to see what next month's box is like and will report back. :-)

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