Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love My Love Voxbox: Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

     This week I've been posting about the products I received in my Voxbox as part of Influenster's Voxbox program. I've really enjoyed trying out these products--some I've tried before, others I have not. Today I want to talk about one I have tried in the past--Truvía® natural sweetener. 

     If you are trying to watch your calories, or sugar intake, but don't want the chemicals of the artificial sweeteners, then look no further than Truvia. 
     Truvía is a natural, no-calorie sweetener made from the stevia plant. It also has no effect on the glycemic index, so it is safe for diabetics. It effectively sweetens, though I did find it to have a slightly different taste than sugar. Not bad, but it may require so getting used to.It is also slightly sweeter than sugar, so you don't want to use the same amount you would sugar. 
     Truvía comes in a few different forms. You can get it in individual packets--great for keeping in your purse to sweeten your tea when you're out. You can get it in a spoon-able container. And their newest product is the Truvía baking blend, made for (you guessed it) baking in recipes. Note: this is a blend and does contain real sugar.
     I love the fact that Truvia is natural, even if it does have a slightly "off" taste. You can get used to it. I've used it in the past and will continue to use it in the furture. If you would like more information on Truvia products and ingredents, check out the Truvia website.
     Check back tomorrow and Friday for reviews on Stash Tea and Kiss Nail Dress. 
I received these products for free from influenster, as part of their Voxbox program, to try and review, and all opinions are my own.
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