Friday, January 27, 2012

My First Bluum Box

     Well, I finally got my first Bluum box. If you'll remember, I posted a few weeks ago about signing up for a 3-month membership with Bluum through Plum District. Usually it equals about $12 a month, but I managed to get it for about $4.33 a month. See how here. So, let's see what I got for my $4.33. 

     This is the little card that tells about the products that are showcased in this month's Bluum box. This month's theme is "Sweethearts." I know you can't read all the descriptions, but these are which samples are included: 
     Seventh Generation Baby Wipes--These chlorine free, hypoallergenic wipes are free of dyes and fragrance. A pack of 70 normally goes for $5.49. 
     Plum Tots Organic Peach Snack--Plum Tots is a line of organic baby food. It comes in a squeeze pouch and the pouches usually sell for $15.75 for a 12-pack. 
     Oh Baby Organic Baby Butter--Made with organic ingredients, this is a kind of baby lotion. It's a little pricey at $19.95 for a 6.7 oz bottle.
     The Good Home Co. Hand Lotion--I got samples of 2 scents of this hand lotion. Lavendar and Beach House. These run about $16.50 for a 16 oz bottle. 
     Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy--This product claims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but I doubt I will see any results with the tiny sized sample in my Bluum box, which is enough for one use. I'd have to spend $39.99 for a 5.29 oz bottle to really be able to test it out.
     Wysie Wipes--This is a really novel idea. These are little tablets, about the size of a Tums, that claim to turn into a full-sized wipe by adding water. Interesting. It may be worth it to have a pack of 100 for $11.95. 
     Here is what the contents of the Bluum box looked like: 

      My overall thoughts--I'm glad I'm not spending $12 a month on this. I was under the impression that the samples would be a little more substantial, but most of these seem to be one-use samples. Really not enough to decide whether it's worth it to buy the full-size product. It's neat, but I'm not sure it's something I'm willing to pay for. After all many companies give you this sort of stuff for free. Hopefully next month's Bluum box will be better.
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