Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's Play Reel Cash Critters!

     I got the opportunity, through Mom Spark Media, to try out a game site called Gamesville, featuring Reel Cash Critters. Funny thing is, when I went to sign up for my account, I found out I already had one. And it was old. Haha. About 10 years old. Created back in my college days, when I actually had time for stuff like this.

     Gamesville is a site that has all kind of games. Great if you have lots of time to spare or need something somewhat mindless to do in the waiting room, or any other place you are "stuck" for a while. You can play in cash competitions, download games or play free games on the site, such as Reel Cash Critters.

     Reel Cash Critters is a slot machine game that features cute little critters. There is not much to it. You get to wager "GV's" (Gamesville currency) which you can win playing some of the other free games on Gamesville. You can randomly win small amounts of cash ($5-10) while playing the game. As I understand it, whether you win cash or not has nothing to do with your wager.



     There is also a "team aspect" I don't fully understand. When playing the team battle, you are on the Skunk or Racoon team. The team with the most GV's wins the game. One person from both the winning and losing team win a cash prize.
     Within the Reel Cash Critters slot game, there is a "spin-o-matic" game. This is accessed by spinning the right combination. If you get to play this game, you spin the spinner and you win extra GV's. The values are represented by different creatures.
     If you are a gold member, you get the chance at an additional game--Reel Slots Shots--which is like a shooting game. You shoot at ducks and other creatures to win more GV's.
     Other advantages of the Gold membership are the daily instant win game, where you visit the "Gold Room", choose one out of 9 treasure chests and win prizes (usually more GV's). And my favorite "perk" of the Gold membership, is not having your games interrupted by ads.
     If you find yourself out of GV's, but want to play more Reel Cash Critters, you can play games like Frantic Fish and Super Chef. I personally like Fractic Fish, a "BINGO" style game in which you must work quickly. all of these are free to play, unless you choose to purchase a gold member ship.
     If you would like to sign up for Gamesville, you can do so here and you will get 10,000 free GV's to start you off! You can also follow Gamesville on twitter and facebook to stay updated on the latest happings at Gamesville.

     So, if you're looking for a way to kill time, go ahead and sign up. But beware, you may just find yourself sucked in!

*This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a Gamesville Gold Membership and compensation for my time investment and work on this campaign.*
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